ANTLR v4 Maven plugin

The ANTLR v4 Maven plugin is completely re-written as of version 4.0; if you are familiar with prior versions, you should note that there are some behavioral differences that make it worthwhile reading this documentation.

The job of the plugin is essentially to tell the standard ANTLR parser generator where the input grammar files are and where the output files should be generated. As with all Maven plugins, there are defaults, which you are advised to comply to, but are not forced to comply to.

This version of the plugin allows full control over ANTLR and allows configuration of all options that are useful for a build system. The code required to calculate dependencies, check the build order, and otherwise work with your grammar files is built into the ANTLR tool as of version 4.0 of ANTLR and this plugin.

Plugin Versioning

The plugin version tracks the version of the ANTLR tool that it controls. Hence if you use version 4.0 of the plugin, you will build your grammars using version 4.0 of the ANTLR tool, version 4.2 of the plugin will use version 4.2 of the ANTLR tool and so on.

You may also find that there are patch versions of the plugin such as 4.0-1 4.0-2 and so on. Use the latest patch release of the plugin.

The current version of the plugin is shown at the top of this page after the Last Deployed date.

Default directories

As with all Maven plugins, this plugin will automatically default to standard locations for your grammar and import files. Organizing your source code to reflect this standard layout will greatly reduce the configuration effort required. The standard layout lookd like this:

      +--- antlr4/... .g4 files organized in the required package structure
             +--- imports/  .g4 files that are imported by other grammars.

If your grammar is intended to be part of a package called then you would place it in the directory src/main/antlr4/org/foo/bar. The plugin will then produce .java and .tokens files in the output directory target/generated-sources/antlr4/org/foo/bar When the Java files are compiled they will be in the correct location for the Javac compiler without any special configuration. The generated java files are automatically submitted for compilation by the plugin.

The src/main/antlr4/imports directory is treated in a special way. It should contain any grammar files that are imported by other grammar files (do not make subdirectories here.) Such files are never built on their own, but the plugin will automatically tell the ANTLR tool to look in this directory for library files.