ANTLR Community Support

ANTLR is supported by Terence Parr, Sam Harwell, and target language folks (see top of the code generation targets documentation) as well as the multitude of helpful users of ANTLR. 

ANTLR Questions is our question and answer mechanism:

ANTLR Discussions

Please do not start discussions at stackoverflow. They have asked us to steer discussions (i.e., non-questions/answers) away from Stackoverflow; we have a discussion forum at Google specifically for that:!forum/antlr-discussion

We can discuss ANTLR project features, direction, and generally argue about whatever we want at the google discussion forum.


The archives from the previous mailing list dealing with v3 may still be of use to you:

Official ANTLR IRC

Channel is called ##antlr and lives at (Terence does not listen to this channel)

Commercial ANTLR consultants