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Looking for ANTLR v3?

The latest version of ANTLR is 4.5.3, released March 30, 2016. As of 4.5.3, we have a Java, C#, JavaScript, Python2, Python3 targets (and alternate C# target). C++ is next on deck [no completion estimate].

All users should download the ANTLR tool itself and then choose a runtime target below, unless you are using Java which is built into the tool jar.

See Release Notes,, Getting started, Sample grammars written in v4, and How to build ANTLR itself.

Development Tools

There are plug-ins for Intellij, NetBeans, and Eclipse.

ANTLR tool and Java Target

The Java jars are OSGi compatible so you should be able to use them within Eclipse.

To use maven, refer to group ID org.antlr and artifact ID antlr4 for the tool itself and antlr4-runtime for the Java runtime library in your pom.xml file. The latest version is 4.5.3. See ANTLR 4 Maven plugin, ANTLR 4 Maven plug-in usage, and ANTLR 4 Maven Plugin API.

ANTLR v4 is written in ANTLR v3.5.2 and StringTemplate 4.0.8. In antlr-4.5.3-complete.jar, you'll find everything you need to run the ANTLR tool and make its generated parsers work.

C# Target

Download and unzip the .dll in Sam Harwell, co-author of ANTLR 4, has an Alternative ANTLR 4 C# Target.

Python Targets

Install with:

pip install antlr4-python2-runtime
pip install antlr4-python3-runtime

Or, you can download and untar the appropriate package from:

The runtimes are provided in the form of source code, so no additional installation is required.

See Python runtime targets for more information.

JavaScript Target

Download Because the runtime is just JavaScript source code, there is no installation. Just refer to the JavaScript in that zip from your project. See JavaScript runtime target for more information.

Source Repository

Everything's up at github.

Previous Versions

Take your pick of binaries etc... from download directory or see the different versions at github.