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Looking for ANTLR v3?

The latest version of ANTLR is 4.4, released July 16, 2014. As of 4.4, we have a Java, Python2, Python3, and C# target (currently as separate product), but JavaScript and C++ are next on deck [no completion estimate].

ANTLR v4 is written in ANTLR v3.5.2 and StringTemplate 4.0.8. In antlr-4.4-complete.jar, you'll find everything you need to run the ANTLR tool and make its generated parsers work.

Release Notes. Please also see CHANGES.txt and

ANTLRWorks2 and plugins

ANTLRWorks 2. This IDE is a sophisticated editor for ANTLR v3/v4 grammars as well as StringTemplate templates. It can run the ANTLR tool to generate recognizers and can run the TestRig (grun on command line) to test grammars. To integrate ANTLR-generated recognizers into your application, you will still need at least the runtime library shown below.

Also we have a basic ANTLR v4 plugin for Intellij 12.1 and 13. It does syntax highlighting and syntax error checking. You get a navigation window too. Sample usage showing Java grammar to the right. See the installation instructions.

Edgar Espina has created an eclipse plugin for ANTLR v4. Features: Advanced Syntax Highlighting, Automatic Code Generation (on save), Manual Code Generation (through External Tools menu), Code Formatter (Ctrl+Shift+F), Syntax Diagrams, Advanced Rule Navigation between files (F3), Quick fixes.

Java Target

C# Target

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Source Repository

Everything's up at github.

Previous Versions

Take your pick of binaries etc... from download directory or see the different versions at github.