Interface LexerAction

    • Method Detail

      • getActionType

        LexerActionType getActionType()
        Gets the serialization type of the lexer action.
        The serialization type of the lexer action.
      • isPositionDependent

        boolean isPositionDependent()
        Gets whether the lexer action is position-dependent. Position-dependent actions may have different semantics depending on the CharStream index at the time the action is executed.

        Many lexer commands, including type, skip, and more, do not check the input index during their execution. Actions like this are position-independent, and may be stored more efficiently as part of the LexerATNConfig.lexerActionExecutor.

        true if the lexer action semantics can be affected by the position of the input CharStream at the time it is executed; otherwise, false.
      • execute

        void execute​(Lexer lexer)
        Execute the lexer action in the context of the specified Lexer.

        For position-dependent actions, the input stream must already be positioned correctly prior to calling this method.

        lexer - The lexer instance.