Class ListenerFile

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    public class ListenerFile
    extends OutputFile
    A model object representing a parse tree listener file. These are the rules specific events triggered by a parse tree visitor.
    • Field Detail

      • genPackage

        public String genPackage
      • accessLevel

        public String accessLevel
      • exportMacro

        public String exportMacro
      • grammarName

        public String grammarName
      • parserName

        public String parserName
      • listenerNames

        public Set<String> listenerNames
        The names of all listener contexts.
      • listenerLabelRuleNames

        public Map<String,​String> listenerLabelRuleNames
        For listener contexts created for a labeled outer alternative, maps from a listener context name to the name of the rule which defines the context.
      • header

        public Action header