Class TreePostScriptGenerator

  • public class TreePostScriptGenerator
    extends Object
    • Field Detail

      • gapBetweenLevels

        protected double gapBetweenLevels
      • gapBetweenNodes

        protected double gapBetweenNodes
      • nodeWidthPadding

        protected int nodeWidthPadding
      • nodeHeightPaddingAbove

        protected int nodeHeightPaddingAbove
      • nodeHeightPaddingBelow

        protected int nodeHeightPaddingBelow
      • root

        protected Tree root
      • treeLayout

        protected org.abego.treelayout.TreeLayout<Tree> treeLayout
    • Constructor Detail

      • TreePostScriptGenerator

        public TreePostScriptGenerator​(List<String> ruleNames,
                                       Tree root)
      • TreePostScriptGenerator

        public TreePostScriptGenerator​(List<String> ruleNames,
                                       Tree root,
                                       String fontName,
                                       int fontSize)
    • Method Detail

      • getTreeLayoutAdaptor

        public org.abego.treelayout.TreeForTreeLayout<Tree> getTreeLayoutAdaptor​(Tree root)
        Get an adaptor for root that indicates how to walk ANTLR trees. Override to change the adapter from the default of TreeLayoutAdaptor
      • getPS

        public String getPS()
      • generateEdges

        protected void generateEdges​(Tree parent)
      • generateNode

        protected void generateNode​(Tree t)
      • getTree

        protected org.abego.treelayout.TreeForTreeLayout<Tree> getTree()
      • getText

        protected String getText​(Tree tree)
      • setTreeTextProvider

        public void setTreeTextProvider​(TreeTextProvider treeTextProvider)