Class CharSupport

  • public class CharSupport
    extends Object
    • Field Detail

      • ANTLRLiteralEscapedCharValue

        public static final int[] ANTLRLiteralEscapedCharValue
        When converting ANTLR char and string literals, here is the value set of escape chars.
      • ANTLRLiteralCharValueEscape

        public static final String[] ANTLRLiteralCharValueEscape
        Given a char, we need to be able to show as an ANTLR literal.
    • Constructor Detail

      • CharSupport

        public CharSupport()
    • Method Detail

      • getANTLRCharLiteralForChar

        public static String getANTLRCharLiteralForChar​(int c)
        Return a string representing the escaped char for code c. E.g., If c has value 0x100, you will get "\\u0100". ASCII gets the usual char (non-hex) representation. Non-ASCII characters are spit out as \\uXXXX or \\u{XXXXXX} escapes.
      • getCharValueFromGrammarCharLiteral

        public static int getCharValueFromGrammarCharLiteral​(String literal)
        Given a literal like (the 3 char sequence with single quotes) 'a', return the int value of 'a'. Convert escape sequences here also. Return -1 if not single char.
      • getStringFromGrammarStringLiteral

        public static String getStringFromGrammarStringLiteral​(String literal)
      • getCharValueFromCharInGrammarLiteral

        public static int getCharValueFromCharInGrammarLiteral​(String cstr)
        Given char x or \\t or \\u1234 return the char value; Unnecessary escapes like '\{' yield -1.
      • parseHexValue

        public static int parseHexValue​(String cstr,
                                        int startOff,
                                        int endOff)
      • capitalize

        public static String capitalize​(String s)
      • getIntervalSetEscapedString

        public static String getIntervalSetEscapedString​(IntervalSet intervalSet)
      • getRangeEscapedString

        public static String getRangeEscapedString​(int codePointStart,
                                                   int codePointEnd)