Class ToolANTLRParser

  • public class ToolANTLRParser
    extends ANTLRParser
    Override error handling for use with ANTLR tool itself; leaves nothing in grammar associated with Tool so others can use in IDEs, ...
    • Field Detail

      • tool

        public Tool tool
    • Constructor Detail

      • ToolANTLRParser

        public ToolANTLRParser​(org.antlr.runtime.TokenStream input,
                               Tool tool)
    • Method Detail

      • displayRecognitionError

        public void displayRecognitionError​(String[] tokenNames,
                                            org.antlr.runtime.RecognitionException e)
        displayRecognitionError in class org.antlr.runtime.BaseRecognizer
      • getParserErrorMessage

        public String getParserErrorMessage​(org.antlr.runtime.Parser parser,
                                            org.antlr.runtime.RecognitionException e)