Class Attribute

  • public class Attribute
    extends Object
    Track the names of attributes defined in arg lists, return values, scope blocks etc...
    • Field Detail

      • decl

        public String decl
        The entire declaration such as "String foo" or "x:int"
      • type

        public String type
        The type; might be empty such as for Python which has no static typing
      • name

        public String name
        The name of the attribute "foo"
      • token

        public org.antlr.runtime.Token token
        A Token giving the position of the name of this attribute in the grammar.
      • initValue

        public String initValue
        The optional attribute initialization expression
    • Constructor Detail

      • Attribute

        public Attribute()
      • Attribute

        public Attribute​(String name)
      • Attribute

        public Attribute​(String name,
                         String decl)