Class ErrorManager

  • public class ErrorManager
    extends Object
    • Field Detail

      • tool

        public Tool tool
      • errors

        public int errors
      • warnings

        public int warnings
      • errorTypes

        public Set<ErrorType> errorTypes
        All errors that have been generated
    • Constructor Detail

      • ErrorManager

        public ErrorManager​(Tool tool)
    • Method Detail

      • resetErrorState

        public void resetErrorState()
      • getMessageTemplate

        public org.stringtemplate.v4.ST getMessageTemplate​(ANTLRMessage msg)
      • getLocationFormat

        public org.stringtemplate.v4.ST getLocationFormat()
        Return a StringTemplate that refers to the current format used for emitting messages.
      • getReportFormat

        public org.stringtemplate.v4.ST getReportFormat​(ErrorSeverity severity)
      • getMessageFormat

        public org.stringtemplate.v4.ST getMessageFormat()
      • formatWantsSingleLineMessage

        public boolean formatWantsSingleLineMessage()
      • info

        public void info​(String msg)
      • syntaxError

        public void syntaxError​(ErrorType etype,
                                String fileName,
                                org.antlr.runtime.Token token,
                                org.antlr.runtime.RecognitionException antlrException,
                                Object... args)
      • fatalInternalError

        public static void fatalInternalError​(String error,
                                              Throwable e)
      • internalError

        public static void internalError​(String error,
                                         Throwable e)
      • internalError

        public static void internalError​(String error)
      • toolError

        public void toolError​(ErrorType errorType,
                              Object... args)
        Raise a predefined message with some number of parameters for the StringTemplate but for which there is no location information possible.
        errorType - The Message Descriptor
        args - The arguments to pass to the StringTemplate
      • grammarError

        public void grammarError​(ErrorType etype,
                                 String fileName,
                                 org.antlr.runtime.Token token,
                                 Object... args)
      • getNumErrors

        public int getNumErrors()
      • setFormat

        public void setFormat​(String formatName)
        The format gets reset either from the Tool if the user supplied a command line option to that effect Otherwise we just use the default "antlr".
      • verifyFormat

        protected boolean verifyFormat()
        Verify the message format template group
      • panic

        public static void panic​(String msg)
      • panic

        public static void panic()