Simple configuration

If your grammar files are organized into the default locations as described in the introduction, then configuring the pom.xml file for your project is as simple as adding this to it


When the mvn command is executed all grammar files under src/main/antlr4, except any import grammars under src/main/antlr4/imports will be analyzed and converted to Java source code in the output directory target/generated-sources/antlr4.

Your input files under antlr4 should be stored in sub directories that reflect the package structure of your java parsers. If your grammar file parser.g4 contains:

@header {
package org.jimi.themuss;

Then the .g4 file should be stored in: src/main/antlr4/org/jimi/themuss/parser.g4. This way the generated .java files will correctly reflect the package structure in which they will finally rest as classes.