Interface TokenFactory<Symbol extends Token>

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    public interface TokenFactory<Symbol extends Token>
    The default mechanism for creating tokens. It's used by default in Lexer and the error handling strategy (to create missing tokens). Notifying the parser of a new factory means that it notifies its token source and error strategy.
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        Symbol create​(Pair<TokenSource,​CharStream> source,
                      int type,
                      String text,
                      int channel,
                      int start,
                      int stop,
                      int line,
                      int charPositionInLine)
        This is the method used to create tokens in the lexer and in the error handling strategy. If text!=null, than the start and stop positions are wiped to -1 in the text override is set in the CommonToken.
      • create

        Symbol create​(int type,
                      String text)
        Generically useful