Class LookaheadEventInfo

  • public class LookaheadEventInfo
    extends DecisionEventInfo
    This class represents profiling event information for tracking the lookahead depth required in order to make a prediction.
    • Field Detail

      • predictedAlt

        public int predictedAlt
        The alternative chosen by adaptivePredict(), not necessarily the outermost alt shown for a rule; left-recursive rules have user-level alts that differ from the rewritten rule with a (...) block and a (..)* loop.
    • Constructor Detail

      • LookaheadEventInfo

        public LookaheadEventInfo​(int decision,
                                  ATNConfigSet configs,
                                  int predictedAlt,
                                  TokenStream input,
                                  int startIndex,
                                  int stopIndex,
                                  boolean fullCtx)
        Constructs a new instance of the LookaheadEventInfo class with the specified detailed lookahead information.
        decision - The decision number
        configs - The final configuration set containing the necessary information to determine the result of a prediction, or null if the final configuration set is not available
        input - The input token stream
        startIndex - The start index for the current prediction
        stopIndex - The index at which the prediction was finally made
        fullCtx - true if the current lookahead is part of an LL prediction; otherwise, false if the current lookahead is part of an SLL prediction