Class OrderedHashMap<K,​V>

    • Field Detail

      • elements

        protected List<K> elements
        Track the elements as they are added to the set
    • Constructor Detail

      • OrderedHashMap

        public OrderedHashMap()
    • Method Detail

      • getKey

        public K getKey​(int i)
      • getElement

        public V getElement​(int i)
      • put

        public V put​(K key,
                     V value)
        Specified by:
        put in interface Map<K,​V>
        put in class HashMap<K,​V>
      • putAll

        public void putAll​(Map<? extends K,​? extends V> m)
        Specified by:
        putAll in interface Map<K,​V>
        putAll in class HashMap<K,​V>