Class AltAST

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class AltAST
    extends GrammarASTWithOptions
    Any ALT (which can be child of ALT_REWRITE node)
    • Field Detail

      • leftRecursiveAltInfo

        public LeftRecursiveRuleAltInfo leftRecursiveAltInfo
        If we transformed this alt from a left-recursive one, need info on it
      • altLabel

        public GrammarAST altLabel
        If someone specified an outermost alternative label with #foo. Token type will be ID.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AltAST

        public AltAST​(AltAST node)
      • AltAST

        public AltAST​(org.antlr.runtime.Token t)
      • AltAST

        public AltAST​(int type)
      • AltAST

        public AltAST​(int type,
                      org.antlr.runtime.Token t)
      • AltAST

        public AltAST​(int type,
                      org.antlr.runtime.Token t,
                      String text)