Class InterpreterRuleContext

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ParseTree, RuleNode, SyntaxTree, Tree

    public class InterpreterRuleContext
    extends ParserRuleContext
    This class extends ParserRuleContext by allowing the value of getRuleIndex() to be explicitly set for the context.

    ParserRuleContext does not include field storage for the rule index since the context classes created by the code generator override the getRuleIndex() method to return the correct value for that context. Since the parser interpreter does not use the context classes generated for a parser, this class (with slightly more memory overhead per node) is used to provide equivalent functionality.

    • Field Detail

      • ruleIndex

        protected int ruleIndex
        This is the backing field for getRuleIndex().
    • Constructor Detail

      • InterpreterRuleContext

        public InterpreterRuleContext()
      • InterpreterRuleContext

        public InterpreterRuleContext​(ParserRuleContext parent,
                                      int invokingStateNumber,
                                      int ruleIndex)
        Constructs a new InterpreterRuleContext with the specified parent, invoking state, and rule index.
        parent - The parent context.
        invokingStateNumber - The invoking state number.
        ruleIndex - The rule index for the current context.