Interface ParseTree

    • Method Detail

      • getParent

        ParseTree getParent()
        Description copied from interface: Tree
        The parent of this node. If the return value is null, then this node is the root of the tree.
        Specified by:
        getParent in interface Tree
      • getChild

        ParseTree getChild​(int i)
        Description copied from interface: Tree
        If there are children, get the ith value indexed from 0.
        Specified by:
        getChild in interface Tree
      • setParent

        void setParent​(RuleContext parent)
        Set the parent for this node. This is not backward compatible as it changes the interface but no one was able to create custom nodes anyway so I'm adding as it improves internal code quality. One could argue for a restructuring of the class/interface hierarchy so that setParent, addChild are moved up to Tree but that's a major change. So I'll do the minimal change, which is to add this method.
      • getText

        String getText()
        Return the combined text of all leaf nodes. Does not get any off-channel tokens (if any) so won't return whitespace and comments if they are sent to parser on hidden channel.
      • toStringTree

        String toStringTree​(Parser parser)
        Specialize toStringTree so that it can print out more information based upon the parser.